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Best Way To Find Any Wifi Password With Easy Steps

Find Out WIFI Password

Trick Genius teaches how to find out any wifi password with easy steps in windows computer. It absolutely works, search for nearby networks and find out all the passwords of users.

Note:- This post is for Educational purpose only! Don’t do any illegal activities and misuse this trick, if you do so, We are not responsibility any illegal activities done by you, therefore, don’t misuse this method.

We do not recommend to see others wifi password without prior permission from them.

This trick is work for all the routers with WEP, WPA, WPHU.

You can access nearby wifi networks available in your area by finding their password.

Let’s get started.

How to Find WIFI Password

Follow below steps to find the password of anyone by using Command Prompt Method.

1. First of all, go to the command prompt menu (Type CMD in the search bar to open command prompt).

2. Right Click on the command prompt menu and Run as an Administrator. It will run as admin with the administration rights.

command prompt

3. The Command Prompt open it look like just a black box. You will see some information about computer and rights.

4. Now just type the text ”netsh wlan show profiles” the side of the user location then hit the enter button

5. The Command prompt will search all the networks near you and give the user profile details.

find wifi profiles

6. This time choose any network name to find out a password and access it.

7. Type ”netsh wlan show profile” this time type only profile. Then type profile name then space key=clear then finally press enter.

command prompt

8. Here you will see the password under security settings menu as the key content.

wifi password

9. Ha 🙂 you have done.

10. Now Enjoy internet by typing security password into the wifi manager menu for the chosen profile.

Final Words

Using this method you can find any wifi password of your friends neighbors and so on. But don’t misuse this method for any illegal activities.