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10 Best Tasker Profiles for Any Newbie for Android

Before Begining Tasker Profiles I Want to introduce about What is the Tasker? Every Android user at least knows the benefits and its uses. The tasker automates everything smooth on Android or in Tablet Device. It is a Great Way to Automate any Actions. In this article, we are going to explain how tasks work and Introduce the Best Top 10 Tasker Profiles.

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10 Best Tasker Profiles for Beginners

Before Introducing tasker profiles know what is a tasker profile is.

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What is the Tasker Profile?

Tasker is an Automatic Significant. Contexts, Tasks, and Profiles. To use Tasker, you’ll need to know its uses. Tasker monitors your phone for contexts and performs tasks based on them.

A tasker profile is a combination of a context and a task.

Tasker is a paid app you can purchase and use them on Google Play store for 3 Dollars Only. Before Purchasing app Try their Seven Days Trial Period offer.


  • #1. Lock Certain Apps That You Want to Show

This is the cool service that you can close any own apps with Tasker. This is so straight forward. All you need to do is Select apps that which you want to lock and then create a password and lock them.

Step by Steps Included:

  1. First Step is to Create a New Profile So, Create and Proceed.
  2. Then Go to Application Select the apps you want to lock.
  3. Now create the new task and tap the “+” button.
  4. Then Go to Display and Enter lock create a new password.
  5. Done: Once you open the app that will prompt you and ask to get the passcode before using the app.
  • #2. Send An Emergency Message

Tasker can help to send a message of urgency when you have an l0w battery. This is so useful for everyone. Especially for girls. Set up first who you want to send this emergency message. Select small battery percentage preference. The Tasker will do next duty to send this message to families and friends and informed with this case.

Steps Included: Profile > State > Power > Battery level > Set it between 5 to 0 %.

  • #3. Keep screen on when using reading apps

It could become annoying to keep having to unlock your device when you’re at home or work and all by yourself. Setting up this task will toggle the lock screen off when at connected to a trusted wifi connection (such as at home or work) and back on when out.

Please note that this is only for rooted Android users and if you’re using a pattern.

Steps Included:

Entry Task

Create an entry task (name it “Lockscreen OFF“) and tap the “+” button.
Select “Plugin“, “Secure Settings” and “Root Actions” that order. Set “Pattern lock OFF“.

Exit Task

Create an entry task (name it “Lockscreen ON“) and tap the “+” button.
Select “Plugin“, “Secure Settings” and “Root Actions” that order. Set “Pattern lock ON“.

  • #4. Launch Music app automatically

When You Plugin earphone to the mobile device the music player automatically opens.

Steps Included:

Create a new profile > State > Hardware > Headset plugged

Create new task, name it and select Launch Application

Choose your favorite music app.

  • #5. Toggle WiFi and 3G

Many people use WiFi at home and When they go out turn off the WiFi and Them want to use Mobile data 3G Preference. So, Tasker will completely automatic to change this WiFi to 3G mode.

Steps Included:

Profile > Location > Net=On, GPS=Off, Radius 500m, Get Fix

Task > Action: Net > WiFi > On

Task > Action: Net > WiFi > Off

  • #6. Shake your phone to turn on flashlight

This Tasker profile is the Useful and Funny Feature Does Provide Tasker. If your mobile phone supports LED Flash, you could use this service. When you shake your phone the Flashlight On so, this necessary when power was gone at your home in the night time.

Steps Included:

Profile > Event > Sensor > Shake > Choose your preference

New task > click on the + icon > Third party > TeslaLed > make desired changes

  • #7. Auto-rotate screen for certain apps

Some of the apps do not auto rotate. We need to set some changes in their, but there is no option for any landscape mode, the tasker will help to rotate screen automatically whether watching Videos or Movies.

Steps Included:

Create a new profile, and the preferred application then chooses your desired app.

Create a New task and tap the “+” icon. Select “Display” then set “Display Autorotate” to ON.

  • #8. Night mode or Quiet time

This Option will Automatically Turn Off the WiFi and Background Tasks to Save Battery Life. Again in the morning, the settings will revert to the same position.

Steps Included:

Profiles > Click on + sign > Choose Time for your night mode > Add new task and give it a name you want

Task > Give it a name (optional) > Tap on the “+” icon > Audio > silent mode > On.

Goto the task once again > Tap on the “+” icon > Net > WiFi > Off

  • #9. Launch one Application Automatically after Another

In the morning I usually check for my emails first, followed by Google Adsense, Analytics, and few social media Applications. You can automate it such that, next app will open the once you close the first one.

Profile > Application > Select your first application from the list.

New task > click on the + icon > App > Launch App > Select the app that you want to launch after you close the first app.

This will launch the second app just after first is launch, but we want the second app to launch when we are done using the first app. So, come back to profile section > tap on the second app name > select move to exit option.

  • #10. Sleep Timer

tasker profiles


At the Night-time Fallen asleep while listening to music but you didn’t turn off the music player. The Music player plays whole night so, Solve this problem by using task profiles application. You can set for Tasker to kill audio playback after a specific time.

Steps Included:

Create a new Tasker profiles and tap the “+” button. Go to “media” then “Media Controls” and select “Stop” under “cmd“.

Choose the music app by pressing the square grid icon near the bottom right.

To trigger this action, we are going to utilize a built-in function in Tasker.

Go to your widgets menu look for task timer. Drag the widget to your home screen.

Once there, it will prompt you to link it a task. Select the “Sleep Timer” task you created in the first step.

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These Task Profiles will help to smooth your work and Automatically in a manner. I hope this will help you a lot on how to manage a tasker. Any Doubts Comment Below.


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