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Which Is The Best Sunscreen In The Indian Market

15 Sunscreens in India Ranked from Worst to Best

Now the summer season is coming soon in next months. Are you looking for the best sunscreen to apply on a daily basis? In this post, you will find which is the best sunscreen in the Indian market.

Sun is the source of energy on this planet, however prolonged exposure to the UV rays of the sun may lead to skin irritation or damage from overexposure to sun or ultraviolet light.

Continuously repeated exposure increases the risk of other conditions such as wrinkles, dark spots, and skin cancer.

Causes of UV Rays

  • Sunburn
  • Tanning
  • Premature Ageing
  • Skin Cancer


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Find Out Which is the Best Sunscreen in the Market

Protecting from sun UV Rays we need to apply sunscreens on a daily basis so, it is extremely important. However, most of the sunscreens on the market are full of toxic chemicals. They use toxic chemicals like oxybenzone, parabens, mineral oil, BHT and many more other chemicals which is not only harm the skin of the person but also completely block the absorption of the Vitamin-D in the body, of which the sun is a major source.

So what is the choice to choose?

Here we need to understand that at the same time don’t want to use toxic chemicals of sunscreens obviously we want to protect ourselves from the harmful radiations of the sun.

Below we discussed some the sunscreens in the Indian market from worst to best sunscreens. In this case, We have picked up 15 types of sunscreens that are easily available in the Indian market or in the online store.

We have sorted these 15 Sunscreen products into 3 Categories on the basis of the number of toxic chemicals present in them. We have analyzed depth details of products and sorted into these categories.

#1. Type 1 Category Products

In this category, the sunscreen products have 10 or more toxic chemicals in them. These are highly dangerous in the market basically they are highly harmful and worst in the market.

Many of these chemicals may damage skin outer side and inner side also, these chemicals have the capacity to cross the skin and get into other tissues of our body. Many of these chemicals have been known to interface with the thyroid gland. We strongly recommend avoiding these toxic chemical sunscreen Products.

See the List of These Sunscreen PRODUCTS.

1. VLCC Anti Tan
2. Lakme Skin Expert
3. Lotus
4. Joy
5. Garnier
6. Nivea
7. Vaseline
8. Attitude

Many of these products have toxic chemicals, Cosmetic Colors, Strong Fragrances, and Harmful Preservatives. They use toxic chemicals of Propylene Glycol, Dimethicone, Disodium EDTA, Triethanolamine, Propylene Glycol, Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Disodium EDTA.

The Attitude Sunscreen has 12 toxic chemicals in it these highly dangerous to human skin. The chemicals include C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Propylene Glycol, PEG-100 Stearate, Sodium EDTA, Triethanolamine, Fragrance, Propylparaben etc.., This is the worst of worst product on the list.

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#2. Type 2 Category Products

In this category, the products claim to Non-Cosmetic and Ayurvedic. These are all Products mentioned as noncosmetic but they have not provided with the complete list of ingredients. However, they do contain some harmful chemicals in products.

List of Type 2 Products.

1. Biotic
2. Patanjali

These products claim to non-toxic chemicals and Ayurvedic Medicine but they have not clearly mentioned complete ingredients. Only 5-30 percent of ingredients on the pack. Not much clearly explained about them. But they have some toxic chemicals and have some fragrances.

They Include base material like Diazolidinyl urea, Colors, and Fragrance-Q.S. Sure that it doesn’t qualify as Ayurvedic proprietary medicine. These brands not exactly mentioned what they are used and how they made from.

#3. Type 3 Category Products

These products are recommended to use on a daily basis. Sunscreens of these brands have clearly mentioned all the complete list of ingredients they have nothing hide. All these products in this category are natural and safe to use.

Here is the list of Top and Best SunScreens List

These are free from toxins.
Genuinely Protect from Harmful radiation of the sun.

1. Aroma Magic

aroma magicAroma magic sunblock lotion has SPF 30 protect from broad-spectrum of UVA/UVB and Mattifies. It has 100% free of oxybenzene, paraben, harsh chemicals, alcohol and artificial fragrance. It all includes mineral, ultra effective formula creates a physical barrier between skin and the sun. This lotion is non-greasy, skin friendly and enriched with carrot seed, wheat germ, and jojoba oils. They provide natural sun safety. You can buy the Aroma Magic Sunscreen from Amazon.

2. Lass Naturals

lass naturalsNatural sunscreen lotion provides full spectrum protection against harmful UVA & UBA rays It is Non-greasy and fast absorbing skin whitening lotion for lighter, fairer and even skin-tone.Lass Natural Contains SPF 30 PA++, free of parabens and phthalates. Herbal skin care lotion keeps your skin nourished and protected.

You can Buy This Product from Amazon Store.


3. Green Berry Organics

green berryGreenberry Organics Detox Charcoal Face Wash

A careful and authentic of the blend of ECOCERT certified 100% Natural ingredients like – Aloe Vera, Sunflower Oil, Optinov Green, SunCat DE, Titanium Dioxide, Raspberry Ketone Glucoside, Saffron Extract, Vitamin E


100% Authentic Ayurveda & Apothecary Formulation

Helps the skin in 3 IMPORTANT ways.

1. Protects from the harsh direct sunlight with SPF 25 PA+++ (SunCat DE), it forms a protective white layer on the skin that protects the skin from long-duration exposure to the sun

2. Restores and protects the damage done to the skin cells (Optinov Green, Raspberry Ketone Glucoside)

3. Fights pigmentation with continuous usage (Titanium Dioxide, Saffron Extract)

The goodness of pure Activated Charcoal to wash away the dirt and grind, Protects skin from excess sebum and oil and Keeps the skin calm and clear.

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What is SPF

SPF Mean SUN Protection Factor. It is the measuring of sunscreen how much the sunscreen lotion will protect your skin from the Ultra Violet Rays.

spf meaning

The list of all sunscreens sits under the sun up to 150 minutes without burning. But this is not the case of SPF these are all have toxic chemicals and don’t conclude that highest SPF of Sunscreen is always best. You will benefit from sunscreen apply 30-15 minutes before you go out in the sun.

The Graph of SPF

best sunscreen

The Reason we have skin color is an evolutionary response to sunlight damaging human skin due to the high amount of melanin, A protein found in skin decides the skin color.

More Melanin = Darker Skin Tone

Final Words

Don’t damage your skin from these harmful products analyze, research then uses any product it genuinely best or not. Use the best sunscreen from the above list.