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Top 20 Best No Wifi Games Free For Android & iOS

How it a pain when you don’t have internet connection in your mobile to play games. Here we brought you 30 no wifi games free to use anywhere anytime. Below is the collection of games for Android and iOS. Our team works endlessly to find out the best games in the market. We listed some of the games from top to bottom scroll down for the top games.

20. Subway Surfer

It is the most favorite game for players in the world. It is the simple game that you have to run and catch the gold in the middle of the way. Face some of the obstacles in the game. Hurdle some time miss the problem it is so fun and needs more concentration to play a game. It is the most exciting game all the time!

19. Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is an addictive game because it never ends. This is literally one of the most legendary mobile games of all time. So addictively simple with enough to do to keep you playing. Doodle Jump has been around for years and will never fall out of favor. This is unrelated, but RIP Tiny Wings, a fallen legend.

18. Shadow Fight 2

shadow fight 2 game

Activity Of game here is the amusement for you. Keep in mind those kung-fu motion pictures with all the aerobatic kicks and moves, well here you find the opportunity to attempt them on genuine adversaries yet with an expansion of deadly weapons.

Shadow Fight is a 2D amusement dependent on a character “Shadow “who lost his physical body when he released some amazing devils as he attempted to spare his home from trespassers.

He currently exists as a gifted shadow warrior who needs to battle the evil presences and their different protectors in his journey to get back what he lost. The amusement has various stages to guarantee you will dependably have a foe to battle. The amusement has some in-application buys yet isn’t difficult to play without.

17. Temple Run & Temple Run 2

temple run 2 game

This is a runner game. Run and save your life from the beast. Run, run and run but don’t forget to avoid hurdles and monsters.

Temple Run 2 is also the same as temple run and has more features and monsters.

16. Alto’s Adventure

altos adventure

Alto’s Adventure takes you on a loosening up skiing venture crosswise over lovely backgrounds and enables you to pull off stunning tricks. It is a standout amongst the most wonderful looking diversions on Android that plays and runs incredibly well on Android equipment.

The visuals are mind-boggling and will keep you connected with for quite a while. The controls are basic and instinctive, so you’ll experience no difficulty arrival traps crosswise over slants and mountains.

The material science-based ongoing interaction is fulfilling and requires a sound dimension of aptitude to completely get a handle on. The procedurally produced dimensions are extremely an incredible sight, particularly when joined with dynamic lighting and astonishing climate impacts. In general, it is one stunning Android diversion that doesn’t expect WiFi to play.

15. Jetpack Joyride

jetpack joyride

In case you’re hoping to kill some quality time while going around in an underground lab, at that point Jetpack Joyride is a standout amongst the best diversions around. It is a 2-D side looking over perpetual sprinter that offers an extraordinary dimension of control and energizing ongoing interaction.

Your principal objective is to endure the dimension as long as you can, at the same time gathering coins, utilizing catalysts and killing abhorrence researchers.

Obviously, in evident arcade gaming design, there will be hindrances en route. Fortunately, the diversion offsets them with cool catalysts and the one of a kind control plot that is anything but difficult to utilize. It’s one of those recreations that you discover simple to start yet difficult to ace, particularly timing your hops right is critical and enduring long in this amusement.

14. Infinity Loop

infinity loop

Unendingness circle joins effortlessness and unwinding. Interactivity includes interfacing different bent shapes to make a total shape without any breaks.

In the dull mode, you currently need to break a total shape into its individual segments until each part is without anyone else. You could play its limitless levels for a considerable length of time without losing interest.

As you advance, the levels turn out to be increasingly entangled yet can be illuminated simply as the before levels. The designers contend that the diversion was not made to wind up more enthusiastically, however for you to unwind and make those circles, this is supplemented by the Thai like the sound the ushers you to the following dimension. Enjoy this game without ending.

13. Smash Hit

smash hit game

Smash Hit is an extraordinarily delightful amusement about smashing the glass with steel balls. That is it, it’s a diversion about tossing hard balls at the delicate glass and scoring no doubt.

Despite the fact that it gets somewhat harder to hit the glass when you’re moving dangerously fast. The 3-D dimensions of Smash Hit make you push ahead while showing focuses for you to hit. Continue hitting the objectives and you will score enormous over the span of around.

It is basically an interminable sprinter without the running. However, rather it offers something stunningly better, smashing material science-based articles. I can continue forever about how delightful the diversion looks however truly, you have to look at this one yourself to completely value its smoothness.

12. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne

While there are a few highlights that do require Internet association in Asphalt 8: Airborne, it is as yet a charming knowledge disconnected.

You’ll have the capacity to contend in races against skilled AI adversaries and have a ton of fun spitting through perfectly structured courses. The diversion takes you over the globe and enables you to drive fascinating autos, at the same time pulling off crazy tricks.

There isn’t a great deal that you can hate about this diversion, the arcade racer is a standout amongst the best ones on the stage and can really get a handle on your consideration all through the race. It’s anything but a sensible amusement by a long shot and that is the magnificence of the Asphalt arrangement.

11. 3D Pool Ball

3D Pool Ball

On the off chance that you’re a devotee of Pool, at that point, you will totally appreciate playing this diversion. Regardless of whether you’re not an immense fan, it is as yet an addictive amusement with strong mechanics that will keep you snared. By pooling, I mean the balls and stick/signal amusement, not the pool you go to in the mid-year, in spite of the fact that that would be pleasant too.

The amusement offers astonishing looking visuals and genuinely reasonable liveliness. There is a powerful disconnected mode that enables you to go up against an entirely imposing AI rival. To be completely forthright, I had a smidgen of a hard time beating that AI. Obviously, in evident Pool design, you’ll additionally have the capacity to go on the web and test different players yet we’re not going to talk about that in the best-disconnected diversions for Android list.

10. Eternium


The majority of the disconnected recreations for Android that don’t require Wifi are not profound pretending amusements that require a genuine time responsibility. Fortunately, we have Eternium, an epic pretending amusement with various classes and aptitudes to keep you involved for quite a long time.

Indeed, it won’t resemble support recreations, however, it comes close with regards to quality ongoing interaction. There are a few classes for you to browse and they all play in all respects in an unexpected way.

You additionally get new aptitudes for the classes as you advance through the amusement by vanquishing adversaries. The 3-D universe of this amusement is great structured and for AI is additionally useful for an RPG. Eternium is a standout amongst the best RPG amusements for Android right now basically on account of its center arcade interactivity with an extraordinary plunder framework.

9. 3D Pool Ball

In the event that you’re an enthusiast of Pool, at that point, you will totally appreciate playing this amusement. Regardless of whether you’re not an immense fan, it is as yet an addictive diversion with strong mechanics that will keep you snared.

By pooling I mean the balls and stick/signal diversion, not the pool you go to in the late spring, in spite of the fact that that would be decent too. The diversion offers astonishing looking visuals and genuinely sensible activities.

There is a powerful disconnected mode that enables you to contend with an entirely considerable AI rival. To be completely forthright, I had a tad of a hard time beating that AI. Obviously, in evident Pool design, you’ll additionally have the capacity to go on the web and test different players yet we’re not going to talk about that in the best-disconnected recreations for Android list.

8. Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution

Ever thought about how it would feel to be an enormous shark? I realize you did. Hungry Shark Evolution enables you to experience the dream of being a frightening shark and overwhelming see animals as well as people.

It is an extraordinary idea that makes for convincing ongoing interaction and outrageous replay esteem. The fundamental reason for Hungry Shark Evolution is to eat or be eaten. As a shark you’ll have the capacity to eat down littler fish yet you’ll likewise need to stay away from greater predators that can without much of a stretch make short work of you.

There are likewise collectibles to gather, scores to beat and difficulties to finish while playing this delightfully rendered 3-D amusement. Obviously, you’ll likewise have the capacity to eat people and experience your Jaws dreams.

7. Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

Brain It On

Brain it is surely the psychological test of the year. This is a 2D material science amusement that expects you to perform different undertakings by structure basic structures utilizing your finger.

It really puts your innovativeness, and mental expertise to the test and the dimensions can just end up more diligently as you advance. At last, notwithstanding, substantially more and more engineers continue moving to web-based diversion applications, disconnected amusements will even now be a most loved will, in any case, be around for a long time to come.

Get a portion of the above applications and remember to leave your remarks on any of the abovementioned or some other cool disconnected android recreations you need us to think about. Give the diversions a chance to start! download the game right now.

6. Six guns: Gang showdown

Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

This game is Made by Gameloft, six firearms give you the genuine feel of the wild west, and you should be lashed. Six firearms is a third individual shooter activity amusement dependent on the activity scenes of the wild west Arizona and Oregon in a land loaded up with ranchers, criminals, and frightening vampires.

You need to finish 40 missions, as you race ponies, take out looters and completion off influxes of adversaries en route. You can open diverse weapons garments and weapons to enable you to off in your activity-filled experience. The amusement is allowed to download and play on google play store. Just the outlaws and vampires pay for it.

5. Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2 Free

Plants versus Zombies 2 (otherwise called Plants versus Zombies 2: It’s About Time), is a versatile amusement previously discharged on iOS in 2013, a spin-off of the first Plants versus Zombies amusement discharged in 2009.

Like the first PvZ diversion, Plants versus Zombies 2 is a pinnacle guard diversion, where you utilize your military of plants to battle zombies from assaulting your greenery enclosure.

The first amusement was widely praised at the season of discharge, and on the off chance that you appreciated the first, you’ll most likely love the second title though with some conceivable hesitations about the diversion’s cash making technique and the freemium display utilized by new PvZ proprietors Electronic Arts.

4. Run Sausage Run

Run Sausage Run

The individuals who have played well known unlimited runners in the past will be comfortable with the amusement style of Run Sausage Run. Planned around avoiding deterrents, the whole objective of the amusement is to perpetually work your way towards high scores.

You control a frankfurter, who has two options by the way he moves: running rapidly while dodging back, and moving gradually while standing straight up. To run and duck, you simply hold your finger down on the touchscreen, advancing through difficulties like sharp edges, sleds, saws, and some of them.

The amusement is reminiscent of a similar style of meat-savagery as Super Meat Boy, a troublesome, quick platformer discharged for consoles in 2010.

3. Despicable Me

Despicable Me

The minions are here, and they have carried with them heaps of fun and bananas. Contemptible me is a 3D sprinter game where you race with the minions gathering bananas as you bounce, move, evade or simply scramble against others in quickly paced missions.

In the game, you get the opportunity to go through amazing areas roused by the genuine motion picture as you move up to wonderful ensembles as you additionally utilize comical weapons and catalysts. You likewise get the chance to fight reprobates, for example, Vector is magnificent 3D designs.

The game is free for download on google play store however has in-application buys.

2. Unblock Me

Unblock Me

No, Unblock Me is definitely not a diversion about informal organizations and attempting to stalk your ex or unfollow your secondary school menaces however that would be a truly cool amusement, in the style of Lifeline referenced previously. Rather, Unblock Me is the great sliding square riddle diversion, seen on such a large number of stages and in such a significant number of structures throughout the years, you’ve likely played no less than one version of the amusement.

In case you’re an aficionado of any kind of riddle diversions, you’ll discover something to like here. What’s more, regardless of whether the ongoing interaction is somewhat straightforward, with more than 16,000 riddles, you’re probably going to never get exhausted with the diversion.

On the off chance that you’ve never played an amusement like Unblock Me previously, the objective is straightforward. Your field is a little matrix, loaded up with squares and void spaces. One square is an unexpected square in comparison to the rest, however, the span of the squares are normally fundamentally the same as inside one another.

You will likely slide the squares around until you can get your particular square from its beginning area to a foreordained leave zone toward the finish of the dimension. At the point when the dimension closes, the amusement stacks another dimension, commonly picking up in trouble as you move all through the diversion.

On the whole, there isn’t a huge amount of intricacy to the diversion however a few riddles can get extremely serious, there’s nothing too difficult to even consider solving, and figuring out how the amusement functions are simple before the troublesome bend kicks in.

1. Badland


Badland is a runner game that will run in 2 Dimensional. It is a beautiful set of forests and various residents. The game theme is to find out the wrong things that will we do with you and forest. One of the forest dwellers will find these mistakes.

The game has quality graphics and audio to optimize your gameplay. This game has full of traps and imaginative obstacles that you now have to overcome.

The Bandland game allows up to four multiplayer on the same device and allows you to beat the competition by knocking your rivals off spinning saws. But it doesn’t require internet to tun this website. You can play this game without internet. Here you can create levels of your own and beat them. This is an endless funny game there is no limits or rules to this game.

Frogmind Games discharged Badland versatile computer game in 2013 for Android and iOS stage. it is the honor grant winning recreations, and it has 50 million clients. Barren wilderness discharged on Windows Phone 8 in June 2014. Barren wasteland is a disconnected amusement with single player and multiplayer modes. In December 2015, Badland – 2 discharged on iOS. This amusement won’t the numerous honors with Apple Inc’s. 2013 iPad Game of the Year grant. It additionally won the Grand Prix grant at the ninth yearly International Mobile Gaming Awards.

Final Words

There are a few different amusements that don’t expect WiFi to work and the rundown could conceivably go on everlastingly basically as a result of what number of there are. I chose probably the best ones around that will give quality amusement to an extensive stretch of time and have highlights that don’t require Internet availability.

Above is the best list of no wifi games free available on the internet that is play on the android device and apple device. If you have any suggestion to this list comment below.

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