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Top 5 Best Grammarly Alternatives For Spelling Check

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The list of Best Grammarly Alternatives

In this post, we will discuss best Grammarly alternatives for spelling or grammar check. Many people do mistakes while writing blog posts on their website. I regularly check spelling mistakes with Grammarly. Additionally, I use other tools that work like Grammarly.

Thanks for other tools they definitely work and check correctly as like Grammarly. Grammarly is the top in the industry of grammar checker. Other tools also work better like this. The list is below tried it now to express your writings. That will bring you the great impression of your personality. So, just to avoid grammatical errors using these tools.

Why Grammarly Alternatives

Grammarly is the top rated tools in the grammar industry. Grammarly is used for many other purposes. Grammarly provides with the two features they are free and paid. The limited of the free version. You can get more additional features of checking grammar with the paid version. The limited features in a free version not sufficient for a professional blogger so they need a pro version so I recommend getting full pro version of Grammarly for free or try using free tools given below.

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Below is the List of Grammarly Alternatives

1. PRO WRITING AIDspelling checker

ProWritingAid is the best tools for spelling check, grammar checking, proofreading, styling and suggestions etc.., and Total more than 10 different functions styles the writing blog. The PWA has free and paid services.

PWA Supports Windows and Mac Systems. It smoothly runs on Microsoft Word, Chrome Browser, Google Documents, Apple and it also supports API, Chrome Extension etc..,

PWA is the best algorithm checker with 100% accuracy with free and paid methods. PWA is not free, the free version has limited features.

Click & Get PWA


paper rater2. Paper Rater

Paper Rater Check Grammar and Spelling, Robust Grammar checking allows you to find those pesky mistakes and correct them in a proper way with writing suggestions, Free Online Proofreading, No Downloads (Use on the web server).

pr checker


3. White Smoke

white smoke logo

White smoke is one of the best English writing tools on the market. White smoke algorithm renders highest quality proofreading abilities. That correct old to the new type of grammar mistakes in a language. It Checks Grammar, word choices, and even style mistakes.

Innovative technology helps to improve daily business activities in the largest corporations for business transactions of all English correspondence.

It works with Natural Language Processing Technology that featuring unique and patented artificial intelligence and algorithms for text analysis.

Just Write Now

4. Gingerginger

Ginger is also world’s Best Grammar Checker with accuracy, better and faster software.

Ginger works on various platforms to make mistake free on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, MS Office, maximum everywhere it works.

It corrects all types of grammatical mistakes everything from misused words to subject-verb agreement to contextual spelling and including punctuation, sentence structure, and style.

Improve your writing skills, Boost your productivity by using the ginger software. Get it now for Chrome or Anywhere you like.

Ginger Services


5. Language Tool language tool

Language Tool is the better tool in the online world. It has Free, Premium and Enterprise plans. In the Free version, it only checks 20000 characters per check, The Premium version checks 40000 characters per check, and in the Enterprise 40000 characters per check.

It supports multi-language they are listed below.


Language tools also support styles of American, British, South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand Languages.

Get Language Tool


The above 5 tools that alternative to Grammarly. They work same like Grammarly, beyond, Same and Low. The choice is yours to pick up the best tool that suitable for your need.