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Top 10 Awesome Free Fantastic Logo Tools In 2018

Top 10 Awesome Free Fantastic Logo Tools

Every business needs a fantastic logo to show their website online. Now there is huge stuff on online some may provide free and limit features and some other paid methods. Here I will introduce all the best tools with some premium features that will drive your logo crazily. Are you trying to create a logo for a new website or for any small business, shop or any other purposes below tools will create an easy fantastic logo?

Yes, These are free tools that create an amazing logo.

Why do you need only free tools to create the logo?

1. You don’t have the budget to create a professional logo designer for your brand new website. (It will cost $500 to $5000 for professional design)
2. You don’t have the software skills like photoshop to create own logo design.
3. There are the Huge amount of services provide limited features.

List of Fantastic Logo Creators

#1. Canva

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Why I have chosen the canvas tool first?. because it provides you best designs and professional looking templates. Canva offering free and paid templates for designing. You can fulfill all your design criteria in a free method only. By using canva tool software you can design any type of logos, business cards, social media images, facebook cover pages, flyers, invitations and much more. As a beginner, you can start your journey with free templates and graphics. Change anything you want to text, colors, fonts, that match to your brand.

Here one of the most beneficial features is that you can also upload your own vector graphics to create the wonder of your own design. Or You can choose any design from canvas vast library. Free to choose any free elements and logo templates with the simple drag and drop method. After completion of the logo, you can download in various formats like PNG, JPG, PDF and some photoshop formats for further editing. Print your logo design on letterheads, business cards, and so many more wonders using the free logo.

The last point is most important that’ Most of the members use these free templates for their own use but there are no copyright issues but your logo has to be unique so try your own way of style and professional looking logo. You can do anything with this tool to impress logo lovers. Let’s go ahead and design your logo.

#2. Logomakr

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fantastic logo makr

Logomakr tool is almost free you don’t need to register on their website. Just create your logo and download directly. The logo makr software is simple and easy to use that you can create the fantastic logo by using drag and drop method.

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There are plenty of shapes, icons, styles and edit color are there to do the lot of more work. Select Image, Add text and arrange it wherever you want. Easily customizable font type, size, and color. After completion of your logo, you can directly download by clicking the save button. For a free user, it will give you a small resolution picture. If you want more resolution logo than you have to upgrade just for $19. So at this time, you don’t need high quality if you are just now working on the website.

#3. Online Logo Maker

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Online logo maker is another free tool. Here you will do adding texts and symbols as per your plan and design. There are many images and text styles. Although upload own image for your unique design. create an amazing logo design for your brand right now for free. Online logo maker allows you to make free and premium. You will get 500px size logo for free but you want high resolution then you have to take the premium pack.

#4. Cool Text

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Cool text software offers you premade designs choose any design you want with your name. Just select any design you want Enter your company name then the cool text generates graphics automatically with their software. You don’t need to work more. Without any design skills, you can simply make a fantastic logo with this free graphics generator. Simply choose what kind of image you would like. Then fill out a form and you’ll have your own custom image created on the fly.

#5. UCraft

fantastic logo

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UCraft offers many more offers other than logo maker. Now we talk about logo maker. It has same features as logo makr software. UCraft has 220,000 icons for to choose any design you want. Customize in your way. Here you will get high-resolution images without any further cost. Download transparent, PNG any format you want.


I Hope these lists will help you to make great and fantastic logo online without spending money for professional designing with simple methods. Do you want to suggest more tools comment below? share this post help your friends with this problem.