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6 Amazing Internet Secrets, Tips and Tricks

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Amazing Internet Tips

Amazing Internet Tips will blow your mind that you haven’t heard it before. I think many people know some part of this and have let’s read these unknown tips if you don’t know. Let’s try once.

Facebook Data

Every day you will post Pictures, posts, videos and any kind of documents on Facebook. So, Here Facebook allows you to download facebook data from your timeline. You can get the data by doing following steps.

  1. Goto Facebook Profile with logging details.
  2. Click on the Settings button.
  3. Browse the page on the general settings page.
  4. Click on the Download copy of your Facebook data link.
  5. The data will be downloaded. Keep it with you for further requirement.

Here you will get pictures, videos, posts whatever you did on Facebook. Read about Some Cool Text Symbols

Facebook Bot for Page

amazing internet tips

If you are running a facebook fans page or any service. You can’t available for clients on 24 hours. Any response needed use facebook bot to give an instant answer. This bot will give more information about your company and for any questions, you have set it on the software.

Google Tricks

Some of the Google tricks that you can’t miss.

The Offline Game

dragon game

If there is no internet connection you can play a game of dragon. This is so funny and time pass game to play without boring. This game is especially for chrome browsers. It shows up the T-REX Dragon some fellows called it is the dinosaur.

 Do a Barrel Roll

Type “Do a Barrel Roll” in google search bar the screen rolls round for some seconds.

do a barrel roll

Set Timer

Set Timer for minutes, Hours and seconds.

set timer

Google Under Water

Type in the Search bar as “Google Under Water”. Google falls into the underwater.

google under water

Google Gravity

All the google tabs fall down. When we type “Google Gravity” in the search bar and hit the button I am feeling lucky.

google gravity


Final Words

I hope you will enjoy the post. I will keep update this post for new fun tricks.