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4 Way Tricks To Switch Off The Calculator Within Seconds

Switch Off the Calculator in Just Typing Buttons

Many people don’t know how to switch off the calculator they just leave it away. In this post, I will teach you how can you turn off the calculator lights to save battery energy in just within seconds. Try It now.

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Calculators Don’t have the Switch Off Buttons to off the calculator machine. some of the calculators can automatically switch off when the certain period of time is over.

 The Four Tricks to Switch Off

Use tricks to switch off the calculator. Learn below tricks to frank your friends.

1. 4 Button Trick

Use four buttons to turn off the machine. The Buttons are Divided (/), Multiple (X), Percentage (%), Check, and Correct Button.


First Click the Divide Button.

Then Press the Multiple button after that percentage button.

Now Click the Check Button after that Double click on the Correct (or) Delete Button.

2. On Button

Press and Hold the ON Button for 7 to 8 Seconds after that the calculator switch off normally.

3. X Symbol button & ON Button

Same like above step Press and Hold the ‘X’  button and ON button simultaneously at once. Don’t remove fingers up to 7 to 8 seconds then the calculator switch off with this trick.

4. % Symbol Button & ON Button

Same as the above tricks, Now hold the % button and ON Button to take effect to turn off the calculator. Don’t remove pressed button until it will turn off the machine. Hold fingers up to 7 to 8 seconds.

Bonus Tip

How to show all the Zeros on the Display?

To show all the zeros on the display of calculator. First you have to press the button of point (.) or Full stop. Then Enter all zeros. It will show all the zeros on the display of calculators.


I hope the above tricks will help you. Share with your friends. By following these tricks you will frank your friends.